Sewing room decor

Wall Decor for your Sewing Room

Grab yourself some wall décor printables for your sewing room. Free to download and print!

Sewing your own clothes gives you a feeling like no other, whether you’re creating a dress, a skirt or a scarf and gloves set, this item is being made by you, for YOU! Sew it to your shape and size, choose your favourite fabric and create a unique piece of clothing especially for you to help you feel fabulous!

When you’ve made an item that you feel comfortable and fashionable in and others show admiration for your new outfit, you’ll love sewing as much as Gina and you’ll be desperate for your next sewing project!

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I Love Sewing

If you love sewing, you’ll love decorating your creative space with this free sewing room décor printable to make it unique to you! Print this out, frame it if you wish and hang it up to remind yourself of that love of sewing!

Dreaming of your next sewing project, time to pick out your next pattern and favourite fabric and create something wonderful. When all those compliments come flooding in, you’ll inspire others to get their creative juices flowing and try sewing for themselves!

Looking for some easy sewing projects to get you started? Here’s a simple Fingerless gloves sewing pattern and an easy Slouchy Beanie sewing pattern.


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