Creative room printables

Wall Decor for your Sewing Room

We’ve designed some fun sewing room printables to help decorate your creative space!
By Gina’s own admission she is a fabric lover and hoarder!! When you see a fabric that catches your eye, you just have to have it right?

There’s so many sewing projects in mind that you know it will come in handy one day!
A tip for fulfilling your sewing goals, label your fabric, i.e. which project you bought it for. Write a list of which item you want to make first. Complete each project before moving on to the next…if you can resist!

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Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time

You’ll love decorating your creative space with our sewing room printables to make it unique to you! Print this out, frame it if you wish and hang it up to remind yourself of that love for fabric.

Fabric is the inspiration for so many people to begin that sewing project. I love surrounding myself with beautiful fabrics which inspire me.
Sew much fabric, sew little time…

Looking for some easy sewing projects to get you started? Here’s a simple Fingerless gloves sewing pattern and an easy Slouchy Beanie sewing pattern.


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