Author: Sarah Marsh

Sarah has a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising and particularly enjoys drawing and illustration. Sarah is an enthusiastic sewer and enjoys creating clothes for herself and her children using unusual fabrics.

Across Shoulder Too Narrow

Top Pattern correction to increase the shoulder width. a) identify the issue – after identifying the shoulder bone in previous steps, does the across shoulder seam lay too high? Often It’s too tight here and the across shoulder is too narrow. b) Cut open the across shoulder area at the Low point shoulder (LPS), until […]

Small Bust Adjustment – Pattern Correction

Top Pattern correction for a Small Bust adjustment (SBA). Follow this correction for styles with Darts or NO darts. a) identify the issue – The bust is loose, there is excess at the bust area. B) Pinning the problem (when you’ve already sewn a muslin/toile): Pin the excess area you have at the front bust […]

Full Bust Adjustment – FBA Pattern Correction

Top Pattern correction for a Full Bust adjustment (FBA). This correction is for styles with side bust darts. A full bust adjustment (FBA) is needed when the person has a larger Bust cup size than the sewing pattern was created for. Most pattern companies create their sewing patterns based on a standard B-cup bust size. […]

How to Measure Your Body

A guide to measuring your body correctly for pattern fitting. The best way to measure yourself is using a flexible tape measure and even better, ask a friend to help! For most top and dress patterns you will need to measure three main areas, bust, waist and hips. When measuring the bust, ensure the tape […]

How to Sew a Buttonhole

How to Sew a Buttonhole   Step 1: Place the button where you would like it to be in order to determine your buttonhole position. It should be about 1/8″ away from any edges. (consider seam allowances: the ruler here removes the visual of my seam allowance on the placket) When you’ve established the position […]

How to measure yourself

How to measure your cross shoulder width Measuring your cross shoulder distance is vital for ensuring your top patterns fit correctly. This is the method I use to get an accurate measurement when doing it myself! 1. If your measuring tape has a hole in the metal tip, loop about 3 yards/meters of ribbon through […]

Making your own Clothing Labels

Have you ever wanted to personalize your handmade items with your Own Designer Clothing Labels? There’s no better way to complete a handmade item than by designing and printing your own clothing labels. This can be done using this simple method! Find a plain ribbon in a neutral or pale color to compliment your brand. […]

Create your Pants Base Pattern

Would you love to be able to create several designs from your pants base pattern? This Free guide will help you create a base pattern from an existing pattern. It could be from the Penelope Pants Pattern (at or at Etsy) or any favorite pattern from your sewing collection! We’ll look at adding back […]

Sewing an Invisible Zipper

Inserting an invisible zipper; tips and tutorial Sewing a zipper into a pattern can seem like a daunting task, especially if it calls for an invisible zipper. Don’t be alarmed, we have some great tips and a tutorial to show you how to achieve a perfect finish on your invisible zipper! Firstly, what is an […]

Joy of Sewing your Own Clothes

Joy of Sewing your Own Clothes. The true joys and benefits of sewing your own clothes to help inspire you to get creative! Have you ever been for a day out shopping with the girls and not been able to find what you were looking for? There’s nothing more frustrating right?! You struggled through the […]