Author: Sarah Marsh

Sarah has a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising and particularly enjoys drawing and illustration. Sarah is an enthusiastic sewer and enjoys creating clothes for herself and her children using unusual fabrics.

How to measure yourself

How to measure your cross shoulder width Measuring your cross shoulder distance is vital for ensuring your top patterns fit correctly. This is the method I use to get an accurate measurement when doing it myself! 1. If your measuring tape has a hole in the metal tip, loop about 3 yards/meters of ribbon through […]

Making your own Clothing Labels

Have you ever wanted to personalize your handmade items with your Own Designer Clothing Labels? There’s no better way to complete a handmade item than by designing and printing your own clothing labels. This can be done using this simple method! Find a plain ribbon in a neutral or pale color to compliment your brand. […]

Create your Pants Base Pattern

Would you love to be able to create several designs from your pants base pattern? This Free guide will help you create a base pattern from an existing pattern. It could be from the Penelope Pants Pattern (at or at Etsy) or any favorite pattern from your sewing collection! We’ll look at adding back […]

Sewing an Invisible Zipper

Inserting an invisible zipper; tips and tutorial Sewing a zipper into a pattern can seem like a daunting task, especially if it calls for an invisible zipper. Don’t be alarmed, we have some great tips and a tutorial to show you how to achieve a perfect finish on your invisible zipper! Firstly, what is an […]

Joy of Sewing your Own Clothes

Joy of Sewing your Own Clothes. The true joys and benefits of sewing your own clothes to help inspire you to get creative! Have you ever been for a day out shopping with the girls and not been able to find what you were looking for? There’s nothing more frustrating right?! You struggled through the […]

Your Free Guide for Hip Curves

Two of my very favorite Pattern Making tools: my Hip Curve and Grid Rulers. I’m going to explain just exactly how Amazing these pattern tools really are! Let’s start with the Hip Curve, this ruler helps create the perfect curve for those side seams when designing or altering garments particularly pants! It not only helps […]

My Favorite Tape Measures!

These are better than the average tape measure 🙂 Double sided Tape Measures are my favorite!! There are tons of measuring tapes out there. My absolute favorites are the double-sided tape measures. But wait! These are not just ordinary double-sided tape measures, they start on each side on opposite numbers. It means, when you go […]

Choosing a Sewing Machine

Choosing a Sewing Machine: Which machine is right for you? Following on from our Blog ‘Sewing Essentials -A guide to Starting your Sewing Journey’, we’ve decided to give an in-depth look into choosing the right Sewing Machine for you. When deciding on a sewing machine and accessories there’s a few things to consider; Firstly, what […]

Fix thread tension for your Sewing Project

Fix your thread tension How to find the perfect tension for your sewing projects! When I first started sewing I spent a lot of time trying to find the right thread tension, my stitches would either come up too slack or too tight with looping on the underside or the bobbin thread showing between stiches. […]